Glow In The Dark: Concrete Technology

Glow technology is a phosphorescent additive that charges in the sun, and glows at night. It can be added into Epoxy, topcoats, and concrete. We have been working with it for a while, and have found a company that offers the highest quality of glow technology so that our customers can enjoy their glowing surfaces for many years!

The 3 color options above are for concrete. The rocks can be profiled inside the concrete to have a glowing affect that will last 7-10 years!
The 4 shown above individually are the colors available for topcoats and Epoxy resin coatings. They come in large rocks all the way down to a fine powder. Prices vary based on size, amount, and color.
Glow powder had only 30 mins of sunlight, and glows like crazy!
45 minutes of charge, and it glows like crazy! This was applied on top of a concrete stain in the lighter accent color!
Glow technology on a staircase adds safety to a dark space!
This is the glow flake and glow powder during the day.
Video taken at 9 am, with only a towel over me to show how intense the glow is.
Glow powder is ready to go! 🙂

After 20 mins of charging…
This is glow flake added to a normal mix (appears white during the day), but at night it ILLUMINATES!